Q&A: What is Erotic Love?

Erotic or amorous love, or simply ‘eros’ in Greek terms, is a love that is borne out of instincts reflected in sensual needs and wants. It is a love that wants to ‘possess’ the other — the object of desire — even if only for a moment. What is Love | What is Romantic Love (more…)

What is the Meaning of True Love

“Love, especially true love, makes life worth living.” Would you agree? Is that a good short-form for the meaning of true love? If nobody loves you, if nobody ever loved you, if nobody will ever love you, if you never loved and if you cannot or never will love — then what is the significance (more…)

What is Love – ♥ Here’s What To Know ♥

“What is love?” is an often asked question. Yet, the meaning of love cannot be captured in a few simple sentences because the word ‘love’ does not have a single, fixed meaning. The sense or meaning of a word, especially that of love, is determined by its use in its language. What is Love | (more…)