The Meaning of Love is Discovered,

Love or Lust
Mark Anthony & Cleopatra: True Love or Banal Craving?

All over the world, more and more people are intrigued by love, while many loath its power. Yet love makes the world go ’round…
Is love a real thingy out there or a construct of the mind? A Signifier or Signified? An expression of valuing? Can humans thrive without love?

true love
Rev. & Mrs. Moon: True Love or Divine Order?

To tackle the perplexing subject of the meaning of love, peruse our posts on friendship, romantic love, erotic love, divine love, real love, and true love. With more clarity about the meaning of love, your future will be brighter. Guaranteed!

sense & sensibilities
Jane Austen: True Love or Pragmatic Choices?

Plato’s Symposium is an early and famous treatise on love. St. Augustine‘s writings on love are extremely influential, as well as those of more modern creatives – from Jane Austen to Simone de Beauvoir to Jacques Lacan to Esther Perel and many others.

love or what
Psyche & Cupid: True Love or Unquenching Desire?

Love transforms and interweaves people’s lives, some love begets new belongings, while disappointed love leaves broken hearts behind. Be curious, and learn about love and loving. We hope that you, your intimate family and friends, and your acquaintances may thrive and prosper…

“Romantic love is when it wants to last forever, erotic love is when it delights in the moments, real love is when and while it lasts, true love is after it has endured the ups and downs of life.”
Tom Froehlich, Author of ABCs of LOVE
Tom Froehlich

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A bit of clarity may save you a lot of trouble down the road. That is, please understand that an even earnest-looking TV show like The Bachelorette is all showbiz − primarily to make money for them − by playing with your emotions first and foremost.