Discover The Meaning Of True Love And Find The ONE Meant For You

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Selected Musings about Love and Life in the Western World

Here’s The ONE Meant For You

♦ LAST UPDATED ON September 14, 2020 ♦ Romantic love is understood by many as the proverbial search for the One, the perfect soul […]

Love Is Fraught With Perils

♦ LAST UPDATED ON October 20, 2020 ♦ In the past, we — as singles — may have been battered and bruised by others, […]


Sex, Love & Family

♦ LAST UPDATED ON October 16, 2020 ♦ Ever wondered why people say that “no man is an island.” The phrase expresses the idea […]

give love a chance

Give Love a Chance

♦ LAST UPDATED ON October 26, 2020 ♦ ‘Nevertheless, we must give love a chance.’ So says French philosopher Alain Badiou (french — of […]

Love Is True When It Endured

♦ LAST UPDATED ON October 22, 2020 ♦ Love must not be seen as the natural extravagance of sex, which would naturally arouse a […]

You Are Free To Love

♦ LAST UPDATED ON October 7, 2020 ♦ “There is not a single law in any country or period that has ever controlled or […]

love is all you need

Surprise – Love Is All You Need

♦ LAST UPDATED ON October 7, 2020 ♦ So say the Beatles. Well, love — as a noun and in contrast to the verb […]


A Quest For Truth

♦ LAST UPDATED ON September 8, 2020 ♦ Don’t we all envy those obviously in love? Time and troubles seem to just melt away […]

There’s Nothing Like First Love

♦ LAST UPDATED ON October 23, 2020 ♦ First love is so precious to many people that some believe in abstinence before marriage to […]

love is blind

Love Is Blind (Devotion)

♦ LAST UPDATED ON September 8, 2020 ♦ At least in the beginning. It perhaps is true that people do not see the faults […]

Love Does Not Start With Self-Love

♦ LAST UPDATED ON September 16, 2020 ♦ Self-love is a popular notion since the biblical imperative to love — as in “I command […]

true love

What is the Meaning of True Love

♦ LAST UPDATED ON September 8, 2020 ♦ “Love, especially true love, makes life worth living.” Would you agree? Is that a good short-form […]