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meaning of love
“Romantic love is when it wants to last forever, erotic love is when it enjoys the moments, real love is when and while it lasts, true love is when it has endured the ups and downs of life.”

Selected Musings about Love and Life in the Western World

People are intrigued by love — between a man and a woman — and its kinds: romantic love, erotic love, real love, as well as true love and friendship. And there are more! These ‘loves’ transform and weave lives together, and some loves beget new belongings. The definition and meaning of love are quite a story to tell…
what is love

What is Love – ♥ Here’s What To Know ♥

"What is love?" is an often asked question. Yet, the meaning of love cannot be captured in a few simple ...
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lasting love

7 ‘Lasting Love’ Shorts

Can love last? Romeo & Juliet's story is tragic. Their feuding families are to blame, not their noble love. The ...
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modern courtship

Modern Courtship Is the Future

In these days of 'modern romance,' of swiping and promiscuous dating and breakups, we need modern courtship as an alternative ...
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Love's not a Child's Play

Love’s not a Child’s Play

Why are so many people suspicious of love, saying that love is unsafe, even so they secretly desire love and ...
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true love

What is the Meaning of True Love

"Love, especially true love, makes life worth living.” Would you agree? Is that a good short-form for the meaning of ...
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A Theory of Love to Discuss

Do we know what love is? What are our assumptions? Can we know what love is? And even if we ...
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