Life, sometimes, is a battering and bruising affair. Dating, acquaintanceship, or courtship − whatever one wants to call it, is no exception. I see my job as helping singles through this endeavor. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Let’s avoid the need for marriage counselors.

love is what

Again, here’s my calling card phrase: romantic love is usually short-lived, real love is while it lasts, and true love is when it has lasted. In other words, love is a phenomenon that goes through phases over time. Love can last, but probably not in its initial appearance.

For starters, read up on love

I encourage you to first read my free musings or blog posts. I did not make these insights up, they are reflections of content from nearly a dozen highly-rated books on love and my own experiences. Who has time to read for years and years before getting involved intimately with another? Reading the blog is not really that time-consuming. You now might find yourself with an edge over fate in your dating efforts. Read, ponder, and talk about what you then think about the readings with others. That might be all that you need to get going – a little more awareness – which you then have.

Who I am and who I am not

Tom Froehlich

I am an ordinary folk, married for decades and with one daughter.

I do not cater exclusively to upscale clients. I am not in the entertainment business and I do not care to provide for casual dating arrangements. I do not play to a single’s vanities and take advantage. I do not hype you up and drop you after I get paid. I do not tell you to be cheerful, I will tell you to be alert and bold. I am independent and do not get paid by any religion.

Profound human connection and communion – in other words, love – have no use for forced cheer, and are often sabotaged by false faces. Just look at the gleeful photos on many dating sites. If we want to love better and seek true happiness and friendship, it’s time to cultivate honesty instead of cheer.

So, I am a mentor and author of online courses, and not a matchmaker. I do not try to match you with another single, I might only introduce you to other singles. I think that the concept of compatibility is so very misused. I do not really know the personality of the person you will eventually bond with, and neither do you until after it happened. So, I recommend keeping an open mind about all that.

Why should you want to talk with me as a mentor? Because you need all the ‘love’ you can get.

Here’s what I do

I presume that you are a Millennial or Gen X single male or female and aspiring to a true love relationship – the kind of relationship that is anchored by passion, intimacy, and long-term belonging.

First things first – I would want to know if you are ready for love. No, not sex, not friendship, and not family or lineage. As you perhaps know, one cannot ‘will’ him or herself to ‘love’ someone else. One can ‘will’ him or herself to act lovingly, but one cannot ‘will’ him or herself to ‘fall in love.’ Are you ready for love? We need to find out.

If typical matchmakers get it ever right, it is perhaps more of an accident. Once more, I am not suited to find or recommend the perfect match for you. I can help you figure out if you or another promising other is ready for love, and if not, work with both of you to get there. I will not allow my opinion to get in the way of your future happiness. I will help you to develop your own awareness of love.

Please contact me if you want to explore my services as a mentor!

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