Life, sometimes, is a battering and bruising affair. Dating is no exception. We see our job as to help you into this adventure called dating while staying out of trouble, and finding your true love.

Again, here’s our one-liner: romantic love is usually short-lived, real love is while it lasts, true love is when it has lasted. And never forget: love is transformative.

For starters, ‘it’ doesn’t work (I, we, the site, etc.), really, but you must

That is, we encourage you to first read our free musings, our blog posts. That alone should give you an edge in your dating efforts. Read, ponder, talk about what you then think with others. That alone might be all you need to get going. If not, please read on.

Who we are and who we are not

We are ordinary, authentic folks. We do not cater exclusively to upscale clients. We are not in the entertainment business and we do not care to provide for casual dating arrangements. We do not play to other single’s vanities to take advantage of you. We do not hype you up and drop you after we get paid. We do not tell you to be cheerful, we tell you to be alert or woke.

Profound human connection and communion – in other words, love – has no use for forced cheer, and is often sabotaged by false faces. Just look at the gleeful photos on many a dating site. If we want to love better and seek true happiness and friendship, it’s time to cultivate honesty instead of cheer.

So, we are coaches and not matchmakers. We do not try to match you with another single, we introduce you to other singles. We cannot guarantee a perfect match. We think that the concept of compatibility is so very misused. We do not really know the personality type of the person you will eventually bond with, and neither do you until it happens. So, let’s keep an open mind about all that.

So, then, why should you want to hire us? Please read all of the above, again, and then continue below.

Here’s what we do

We presume that you are a Millennial or Gen X single male or female and aspiring to a true love relationship – the kind of relationship that is anchored by passion, intimacy, and long-term belonging.

First things first – we would want to know if you are ready for love. No, not sex, not friendship, and not family or lineage. As you perhaps know, one cannot ‘will’ him or herself to ‘love’ someone else. One can ‘will’ him or herself to act lovingly, but one cannot ‘will’ him or herself to ‘fall in love.’

Love is an intriguing phenomenon, it is not a child’s play. We need to find out if you are ready for this adventure. If you do not really believe in erotic love other than the agape kind, we may not be able to work with you. In that case, you will need to find services more suitable for your disposition. Otherwise, please read on.

  • We organize local singles events that you may attend to mingle face-to-face with other exceptional singles.
  • In addition, if you are interested in looking near, far, wide and in between for The One, we’ll work with you.
  • We get in touch with each other so we can determine a fee based on your needs and budget.
  • Once we have come to an agreement, you must prove your identity, verify your age and photos and pass a background check.
  • We offer you an account (with login) in our private client area where you can add photos, a profile, and criteria and preferences in terms of Mr. Right or Ms. Perfect, and communicate with staff and other singles.
  • We pair you with your personal coach. He or she will conduct a confidential interview with you for an in-depth view of who you are and write a discreet dating profile about you, anonimized to protect your privacy.
  • We network with other dating coaches and/or matchmaking agencies to promote your polished profile for consideration and also inquire for verified candidates to be brought to your attention.
  • We screen available candidate profiles to only exclude obvious no-nos according to your common sense preferences.
  • We work with you to evaluate profiles of those who may meet your aspirations, or those who’s aspirations you may meet. Every introduction is personally curated and evaluated for you.
  • We coach you in starting to communicate with promising singles to far away to attend local mixers.
  • We arrange for face-to-face mixers between you and promising candidates – far or near.
  • We listen to you regarding any subsequent courtship experience and provide you with feedback until you are confident to go on with that significant other.

If typical matchmakers get it ever right, it is perhaps more of an accident. Once more, we are less interested in finding the perfect match for you. We are more interested in finding a candidate whom you eventually find right or perfect. We should not and will not allow our opinion to get in the way of your future happiness.

Here is what you do

Check out our schedule of local events for singles and perhaps attend a mixer.

Next, you will want to create an account on this site and join the online community. We are a private community, and access is strictly by invitation only. That keeps spammers and most gamers out – who wants to deal with them.

Please request an invitation code to register on this site. The form will also prompt you to briefly explain why our services might be a good fit for your situation.

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