As said before, the story of love, the love which makes the world go ’round, needs some re-inventing — it needs a lot more clarity. Love needs a new definition, a new application. What the world needs, perhaps, is not only more love — as the Beatles suggested — but even a new ethics of love.

Original photo by Jopwell on Pexels

The theme of love — part of the series of the human concerns of sex, love, and family — needs to be looked at anew, I believe. We need to come up with a believable story of love that is in tune with the capacities and circumstances of 21st. Century humans as well as with what we want the future of civilization to be.

Think about the old, biblical story of the Fall of Man: Adam and Eve and an apple and a serpent. The revised version replaces the apple and the serpent with sex and the angel Lucifer. So what, is that really that more intelligible? This is, after millennia, a grotesque story at best by now. Our conception of what love and life are is so informed by these tall tales and their interpretations — and not without having caused a great deal of harm. Can we not do any better?

So, yes, may this site be for professional storytellers of love to discuss the issues.

Other than that, this site is meant to speak to Millennials (Gen Y) and Gen Zs — the younger generations. They need to get themselves prepared because —

Hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable.Wizard of Oz