This site is meant to speak to Millennials (Gen Y), and perhaps older, independent Gen Zs.

Hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable.Wizard of Oz

As I encourage singles to rather hold out for the chance of love — instead of defaulting sooner than later to the good-enough One next door, my musings may appeal more to the wild turkey-types of Millennials …what?

Chicken Little versus Wild Turkey

close-up photography of two orange and yellow chickensChicken Little lives in a coop — safe and secure behind a fence, and laying eggs under the watchful eyes of farmer.

Wild Turkey lives in the woods — where danger lurks from above and nearby, and roaming free as it pleases them.


In other words, this site may not appeal to those living under the auspices of their parents, not to the faint of heart, not to those seeking safety and security before taking chances, not to those insisting on goodness before drama.

Love is not a child’s play.Mother Nature