Tom Froehlich here. I am the author of this site and, without much fanfare, profess to care about the many singles who find themselves looking for that special One, that Significant Other, Mr. Right or Ms. Perfect, their true love…

I am a German-born seminary graduate (Unification Theological Seminary ’83) living in the San Francisco Bay Area, and participated with my spouse Christine in the 1982 Wedding ceremony officiated by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon in Madison Square Garden, N.Y.

You might agree that we live in an extremely complex and seemingly incomprehensible world, and it has become rather demanding to make sense of what is happening.

The diversity of opinions and values that we are faced with can seem totally overwhelming, and young people can struggle to gain or preserve their autonomy and rationality.

In my own journey of sense-making, I have come to recognize that finding a mate is fundamental to the human condition, with everyone seemingly privy to that endeavor. Yet again, the journey of love and life is fraud with perils for most.

People say that they believe in love, yet are uncertain about what love is, or what the human condition entails in general. I have battled distractions for years, but now have come to write musings (blog posts) about the love that makes the world go ’round in order to reflect on love and life — and hopefully not only for my own gratification. Love is not a happenstance, it does not last by chance, and no marriage is very meaningful without it.

Young people in their formative years or folks still in the process of finding their orientation or footing in life might be better off perusing publications on erotic or conjugal love before getting into marriage. That is, if you do not understand the horse, you perhaps should not steer the carriage.

Erotic love is not about mindlessly falling for sexual desire and sensuality. Erotic love, in this site’s deliberate context, is about a natural, personal, passionate, and intimate relationship between a man and a woman. Erotic love is the foundation upon which marriage and a family with children can thrive.

There are other forms of love, have been and perhaps always will be. Some of the ancient Greeks thought love to denote their fairly common relationships between mature and young men. Not my kind of thing. Then there is the Christian agape-type of love, a love that functions more as an impersonal, ethical imperative to save the world. Fine, agape is complementary, but no substitute for erotic love.

I do not want to be opportunistic by perpetuating rosy illusions about love and relationships. Too often, that is what cheap dating sites and high-end matchmaking services are doing to make their money.

Understandably, people like to be made to feel inspired, hopeful, and optimistic regarding love and relationships – to the point of being almost delusional. Others may have come to lack romantic imagination and are left with no sense of enchantment and surrender. For them, love is not an option.

Is there a sensible, realistic approach to intimate relationships worth promoting? We think there is. That is what my writing on this site is about.

In any case, some may get a lot out of my writings, others may be so strongly predisposed to their “way” that history’s down-to-earth wisdom does not matter that much. Religious people, in particular, prefer to focus on an agape-type of love as commanded in the biblical phrase “love your neighbor as yourself.”

This isn’t an academic blog, peer-reviewed or anything close to it. Needless to say, most of this site’s content is “plagiarized” from other sources. Well, there is no need for me to reinvent the wheel, really. And I am not that smart so as to be able to come up with a novel and wondrous narrative about love. Much has already been said about love, one just has to look around. So, I admit to extracting key points from many other publications and summarizing them in these pages, my musings.

In other words, the opinions expressed in this publication are those of me, the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of my funders or sponsors.

Introduction Services
Other than that, TrueLove.Singles aims at becoming an introduction services agency for singles. In the future, we hope to offer introductory services to singles seeking a lasting relationship characterizable by true love. This will not be a “cheap” dating site for the pleasure seeker, neither will it be offering “high-end” matchmaking services to the wealthy.

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Purple roses are like the unicorns of the floral world, they are considered to embody a magical and enchanting quality and bestow these virtues upon recipients. To many, purple roses mean love at first sight and are thought to represent that intense fleeting feeling of enchantment.