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Wisdom is the absence of mere stereotypical thinking. Yes, there is much more to learn and become aware of. Learning ...
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dating app

Online Dating Is Less Satisfying for Women

Online dating has made single women overall less happy, less likely to find a long-term partner, and more at risk ...
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trouble with love and sex

The Trouble With Love and Sex

The Trouble With Love And Sex is a hybrid of documentary and animation produced by BBC Productions, which takes a ...
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love advice

Love Advice from three of Philosophy’s deepest Thinkers

Photo by Frame Harirak on Unsplash A ladder to the good or a blind desire to procreate? Plato, de Beauvoir, ...
fear of loss

The Fear of Loss of Love

Fear of loss of love is a theme that Hannah Arendt wrote about. https://www.brainpickings.org/2019/02/25/love-and-saint-augustine-hannah-arendt/ ...
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meaning of love

TED Talks on Love

These video talks, via YouTube, are all TED Talks related to love. Worth watching. Enjoy... For even more TED talks ...
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Is Love a Passion

Republished under Creative Commons from https://psyche.co/ideas/neuroscience-has-much-to-learn-from-humes-philosophy-of-emotions Neuroscience has much to learn from Hume’s philosophy of emotions We are in the ...
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Love or Killer Instinct

Republished under Creative Commons from https://psyche.co/ideas/do-humans-really-have-a-killer-instinct-or-is-that-just-manly-fancy Do humans really have a killer instinct or is that just manly fancy? Horrified ...
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Dating on the Rebound

Dating on the Rebound

Republished under Creative Commons from https://aeon.co/ideas/dating-on-the-rebound-when-looking-for-love-can-be-a-lifesaver Dating on the Rebound What is the right amount of time to start a ...
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