Q&A: What Is Friendship?

A friendship is a non-sexual relationship of mutual fondness, appreciation, and trust between people. Sometimes, this kind of relationship is also called ‘platonic,’ or ‘philia’ in Greek terms. What is Love | What is Romantic Love | What is Erotic Love | Friendship | What is Arranged Love | What is Real Love | What (more…)

Love’s not a Child’s Play

Why are so many people suspicious of love, saying that love is unsafe, even so they secretly desire love and fantasize about it? I mean, who does not get hooked somehow on these dramatic love stories that Hollywood brought to the big screen? Yes, love is not a child’s play as Shakespeare and countless other (more…)

What is Love – ♥ Here’s What To Know ♥

“What is love?” is an often asked question. Yet, the meaning of love cannot be captured in a few simple sentences because the word ‘love’ does not have a single, fixed meaning. The sense or meaning of a word, especially that of love, is determined by its use in its language. What is Love | (more…)