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meaning of love
“Romantic love is when it wants to last forever, erotic love is when it enjoys the moments, real love is when and while it lasts, true love is when it has endured the ups and downs of life.”

Selected Musings about Love and Life in the Western World

People are intrigued by love — between a man and a woman — and its kinds: romantic love, erotic love, real love, as well as true love and friendship. And there are more! These ‘loves’ transform and weave lives together, and some loves beget new belongings. The definition and meaning of love are quite a story to tell…
Here's The ONE Meant For You

Here’s The ONE Meant For You

Romantic love is understood by many as the proverbial search for the One, the perfect soul mate, or — as ...
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Sex, Love & Family

Ever wondered why people say that "no man is an island." The phrase expresses the idea that human beings do ...
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Relationships Are A Tricky Balancing Act

Look around you and you'll find boring as well as thrilling conjugal relationships among couples, and anything in between. What ...
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true parents

Hobbes & Schopenhauer versus Hume & Moon

Needless to say, there have always been 'movers and shakers' in the world — great storytellers — and always will ...
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broken butterfly

Love Needs Reinventing

When 19th-century French poet Rimbaud famously said that love needs reinventing, he may have spoken a truism, but within a ...
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