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meaning of love
“Romantic love is when it wants to last forever, erotic love is when it enjoys the moments, real love is when and while it lasts, true love is when it has endured the ups and downs of life.”

Selected Musings about Love and Life in the Western World

People are intrigued by love — between a man and a woman — and its kinds: romantic love, erotic love, real love, as well as true love and friendship. And there are more! These ‘loves’ transform and weave lives together, and some loves beget new belongings. The definition and meaning of love are quite a story to tell…
problem with thoughts

The Problems of Thought

Thoughts come and go, seemingly random. We do not know where they come from and why. They disappear quickly into ...
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arranged love

Love – Is It A Need or Want

We need but do not want each other? Need and want are not a dichotomy like short and tall, big ...
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