Q&A: What is Romantic Love?

Romantic love is a phenomenon that, at its simplest, might be described as the early stage of an unfolding relationship in which one seeks and responds to an enticing and promising other, driven by personal preference rather than familial obligations. Romantic love then seeks to last forever, while the lovers are not together yet. What (more…)

The Experience of Meaning in Life

When two singles encounter each other and fairly consider their prospects together as a loving couple, they surely will be thinking and talking about the meaning of love and life. A romantic lover may not, impulsive as he or she may be, before perhaps coming around to real love. A lot of people turn religious, (more…)

What is the Meaning of True Love

“Love, especially true love, makes life worth living.” Would you agree? Is that a good short-form for the meaning of true love? If nobody loves you, if nobody ever loved you, if nobody will ever love you, if you never loved and if you cannot or never will love — then what is the significance (more…)

What is Love – ♥ Here’s What To Know ♥

“What is love?” is an often asked question. Yet, the meaning of love cannot be captured in a few simple sentences because the word ‘love’ does not have a single, fixed meaning. The sense or meaning of a word, especially that of love, is determined by its use in its language. What is Love | (more…)