What Genesis of Love

My simple view of love’s genesis goes like this: the construct of love assembles in consciousness in the form of Gestalt and fosters a new sense of belonging for the lovers. This is provided for by the binary nature of biological sex, which is entailed by primeval instincts and needs that evoke, stir and arouse (more…)

Here’s The ONE Meant For You

Romantic love is understood by many as the proverbial search for the One, the perfect soul mate, or — as the nineteenth-century ideal would describe — as the immortal beloved. The quest involves the idea of creating a union and becoming instead of remaining two conjoined ‘I’s. The two romantic lovers are not all together (more…)

Q&A: What is Love?

Love is passionate by default, as in ‘being in love.’ Poets intuit love as the most delightful phenomenon of a highly personal and deeply intimate relationship between two people. Love begets new belongings and makes life worth living. Here’s more of what to know. What is Love | Romantic Love | Erotic Love | Real (more…)