Relationships Are A Tricky Balancing Act

Look around you and you’ll find boring as well as thrilling conjugal relationships among couples, and anything in between. What is it that you are looking for in your love life? All relationships are a balancing act, so take your chances. Regardless, even a “nearly perfect” loving relationship really is a living, a delicate joint (more…)

A Theory of Love to Discuss

Do we know what love is? What are our assumptions? Can we know what love is? And even if we do, can we then also find the right words to discuss it with others, that is to explain our expectations during modern courtship? The word love alone is failing us as all words are just (more…)

Modern Courtship Is the Future

In these days of ‘modern romance,’ of swiping and promiscuous dating and breakups, we need modern courtship as an alternative that does not undermine singles’ well-being and, instead, protects their integrity. Sure, modern romance can be a kind of courtship ending in a lasting relationship, but for too many, uncommitted romance is a continuum, with (more…)