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Wisdom is the absence of mere stereotypical thinking.

Yes, there is much more to learn and become aware of. Learning seems to be an ongoing process, even endless. At some stage in life, we have to muster the courage to act, ready or not. I do not know when that moment arrives for you, the reader, on the journey to find or be found. The following, still largely unordered but continuously updated list of supplemental wisdom summons you to continue your pursuit of wisdom − at your convenience.

The Meaning of Life

Why do we care here for a comprehension of a meaning of life? Because the comprehension of a ‘meaning of or in life’ is fundamental to one’s approach to relationships. Talking about this comprehension is perhaps helpful in assessing the overall temperament, disposition, mood, or attitude regarding life of any person, especially that of a promising single.

It will be hard for two people of opposing understandings to maintain, over the span of life, a fulfilling intimate relationship − even after having initially ‘fallen in love.’ Small differences − hard to notice − in the conceptional and emotive framework of one’s existence might, over time, put two intimately involved people on trajectories that increasingly diverge instead of coil around each other − like the two strands of DNA. Obviously, it is impossible to look very far into the future, and people’s outlooks on life might change at some point in their lives.

Is Life worth Living?

Related to a conception of a meaning of or in life, the question of whether life is worth living, or not, is also critically important. And if life is worth living, how does one then live a worthy life? Two promising singles looking at each other should not miss to discuss their conceptions.

The Right to Believe

Breaking up is hard

Staying together can be harder. We are not marriage counselors, so we defer some wisdom to others.


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