Flourish, Thrive, Prosper & Tango Forever

Helping singles to find each other is our aspired-to competency, helping couples to maintain their relationship is perhaps that of marriage counselors. Again, we are dating or courtship coaches only, and we are happy to excel at that one task. Still, we hope that couples get married, start a family, and tango forever. Romantic love (more…)

Love Is True When It Endured

Love must not be seen as the natural extravagance of sex, which would naturally arouse a kind of suspicion. Love’s meaning, in that love is true, is not that of a utilitarian exchange of favors. While it is generally thought that individuals only pursue their own self-interest, love may be the antidote to that. Published (more…)

You Are Free To Love

Really, are you free to love? “There is not a single law in any country or period that has ever controlled or condemned love as such. True love has always been free, and even more, it is the active principle of all human freedom. Love is freedom itself. The only real obstacles to love are (more…)

Surprise – Love Is All You Need

So say the Beatles. Well, love — as a noun and in contrast to the verb of loving — is more than that fascinating and enchanting feeling. Love is all you need — and in the end — might not be delusional. We like to think of love as profound, intense affection and esteem for (more…)

A Quest For Truth

Don’t we all envy those obviously in love? Time and troubles seem to just melt away for lovers. Someone said that “love’s power is to unite in the face of loneliness and eternity, and in its optimism in the face of daunting odds.” Be aware, however, of those who love being in love, as they (more…)

There’s Nothing Like First Love

First love is so precious to many people that some belief in abstinence before marriage to keep their first love unsullied as they try to save their love, and especially sex, from the fate of . And why not? First love is not only just remembered, it gets engraved in what Milan Kundera called . (more…)

Love Is Blind (Devotion)

At least in the beginning. It perhaps is true that people do not see the faults of the person that they just came to love. That is why we say that love is blind. When smites, the single may not be able to “see” clearly even if s/he wanted to! With that single falling in (more…)

Love Does Not Start With Self-Love

Self-love is a popular notion since the biblical imperative to love — as in “I command you to love your neighbor as yourself.” — implies self-love. This command, however, is willed ethics on a societal scale, and not about the authentically personal love we are interested in on this site. Self-love can also be understood (more…)