Needless to say, anyone on the dating path better knows at least a little about him or herself; that is understands his or her psyche or character as well as needs and wants. However, that is especially the case trying to write a dating profile.

There are two temporal aspects to relationships:

  • getting into a relationship is one thing: dating, courtship;
  • maintaining a relationship is another: marriage, family.

Problems: when your sexuality is not accessible to you or your partner. Again, there are degrees as to how it is bottled up or sealed off – perhaps because of trauma or peer pressure from family or society. Believing in abstinence and abstaining from sex is recommendable for many an immature teenager. But it may become problematic when a young adult in his or her twenties begins to experience involuntary celibacy. Considerable harm may come from an indiscriminate call for abstinence before marriage that overlooks the differences between immature teenage and young adulthood, or the cases of fidelity and mental health.

For us to write a dating profile about you, we need to know who you are; that is you need to tell us about yourself. That is hard. Who knows him or herself well enough in order to communicate the essentials in a brief and clearly expressed manner? We ask that you do these to evaluate yourself:

  • Attachment Style
  • Myers-Briggs
  • more…