Are you a dating coach?

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Let’s assume you have a lively Meetup, Yahoo or Facebook group or two and are running dating events for your singles and all. We believe that your bottom line might benefit from adding a feature-rich, social website to complement your groups’ pages in order to better capture customers for the lucrative purpose of upselling. Fact is, you cannot add your own content to Meetup, Yahoo or Facebook dating groups/pages. So, you ought to expand your dating business with a new revenue source.

Tom Froehlich

And so, I would love to craft such a dating portal or singles boutique for you based on this flexible, mobile-first template running on WordPress. There really is little justification for purchasing expensive iOS and Android apps to outdo the competition. Try this site,, on your smartphone (if not already on it). It looks and works fabulous for groups anywhere between 5 and 500 members (free and/or paying).

Believe it or not, this is a WordPress site, which is relatively easy and inexpensive to craft. A lot of busywork, though: a little html, a little css, a little ftp, a lot of configuration, but no heavy programming. I’ll not only set it up, but can also keep it up for you if you want to focus on the people-side of your business.

Your site can be hosted by any better hosting company, perhaps such as Dreamhost, on your account. The WordPress CMS is free; we add a mobile-first theme, and a selection of plugins (some free and some for a low-cost subscription), configure the site, and you’re in business.

In the end, you will be in control of the portal, as you have complete governance over content and sales. You may craft, edit, delete, and publish pages and posts with relative ease.

Want to look on the inside of this demo site and give it a spin? You could explore user profiles, the searchable directory, private messaging, activity streams, photo gallery, discussion forums, widgets with multiple payment options for upselling, and much more.

I offer you to set up your complete mobile-first, turnkey membership solution running on WordPress, with unlimited membership levels, one-time and recurring payments, registration & profile fields, protected member content, robust member management and more. You can have it on your own domain if you have a fitting URL.

You may ask why I am only running this dating site as a demo for sale and not as a dating coach myself. After all these years, I have become better at writing and crafting than socializing.

Is there a demand for such a turnkey solution? If so, please tell me about yourself and request an registration code – no obligations.

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People need each other, and we need space to congregate. Group and micro-community membership sites like this one offer a place to chat, idolize, and share knowledge. The era of the micro-community has come back full swing, especially at a time like this!

It probably seems like an uphill battle to monetize any forum or community. More and more, though, people are tired of unfiltered content and all-access conversations. A lot of potential members are looking for a more structured environment that lets them have important discussions, enjoy the presence of others, and share their knowledge without the fear of trolls or uninterested parties.

In other words, the success of your group or community site will be determined by how specific it is, how you deal with trolls and time-wasters, and UX. If you want to run a tight ship, plenty of people will pay to get on it.