The One
You are the One…

Romantic love is understood by many as the proverbial search for the One, the perfect soul mate, or — as the nineteenth-century ideal would describe — as the immortal beloved. The quest involves the idea of creating a union and becoming ‘We’ instead of remaining two conjoined ‘I’s.

Is there really a One meant for you? Yes, there is. But please understand that you decide who that shall be. There is no one in this world predestined to be the One meant for you, not divinely willed by God and better not by parents.

So why do we give you, the reader, the impression that there is One meant for you to begin with? Simply because most people like to think that there is a One meant for them. Reading about that probably makes you feel good, and keeps you interested in perusing this article — at least so far.

Sorry to pop the bubble. We’ll be sincere thereafter now.

Deciding on choices is a tricky endeavor — for whatever one decides, one cannot easily blame others if the choice does not work out. Some singles might experience that the task of making consequential choices is rather burdensome instead of thrilling. “Serve me up with the One,” they rather say.

However, in the end, you must elect one to be the One for you, and you must elect to be the One for the other. Take pride in owning this process from A to Z, lest you want others to run your life.

In any case, the story of love — romantic, erotic, true, unconditional, whatever — is at the heart of living for most peoples of the world. Just look at all the popular movies that come or have come out of Hollywood. Did you see the movie Titanic? Many of them are tragic love stories before anything else, many others are comedies with a happy ending, like the movie Pretty Woman.

In these movies, romantic love is eternalized, either by the death of a lover, or by the lover’s story simply not told to the very end. That is, the story is not told past the initial romantic episode and thus leaving things to the wishful imagination of the captivated moviegoer.

Naturally, we all like to be inspired rather than presented with unsavory details about relationships and so our wishful thinking takes over. But when it comes to the One, you better be deliberate rather than just intuitive — it is a choice that must be yours by involving your heart, intellect and will.


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